Pigeons, Beavers, Baby Cakes, and other #pinsdownlow

I got an email this week from a fellow grip, David:

Heya Dwight, Pittsburgh says hello. 
We've been trying to come up with a nice new compact version of a beaver board and figured you might know of a gadget out there that someone's already making.  There used to be a company out there that made something called a "baby cake", but they disappeared about a decade or so ago.  It was just a small octagonal U with a spring loaded, hinged baby pin in the middle.
Like I said, we've got a handful of (probably a little too complicated) designs already, but I figure why bother wrestling through the research and design process if someone already has a field tested model out there.

I've put a decent amount of thought into the problem of storing beaver boards efficiently and I've seen a number of different solutions but I'm curious what you use and if you know anything about the elusive "baby cakes" that I've heard so much about.

Share your thoughts or designs on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #pinsdownlow or send them directly to me and I'll post the coolest designs and most interesting thoughts next week along with the one design I was a part of making.