Boards not Bars; or How I got rid of my furniture and got fun instead.

If you know me, or are friends with me on Facebook, you may have noticed a surge in board game related posts and events. I thought I'd share a few of the reasons why I love board games and the reason why I've started posting about them a lot more recently. 

I'm not a fan of bars. It's not that I think they are bad or evil, they just aren't for me. When I want to hang out with someone or group of someones I want to actually interact with them and I find most bars seem to be opposed to their customers interacting. It's either too loud or too crowded to actually converse and hang out with your friends. I've never understood how people can enjoy themselves at bars. But this isn't a post about bars, it's a post about tables! Tabletop gaming as it seems to be fashionable to call it these days is my prefered method of spending time in other people's company. While there are a wide range of types and styles of games out there they all either encourage or at least allow casual conversation in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere.

I also like games because they challenge me mentally. Some games are incredibly taxing on the neurons. Some of the Dominion games I've played have been way beyond my power to comprehend the strategies involved. Even just the act of learning a new game is a pleasure. Figuring out how a system works and how to exploit that system to win the game is a very rewarding challenge.

Other games require very little mental energy but rather place their focus on the interactions. I've only played it once but The Resistance is all about social engineering or outright lying to your friends within the safe context of a game. Cards against humanity is all about comedy and learning what you and your friends find funny.

The other reason to get excited about tabletop gaming is the sheer number of games out there! Board Game Geek(the IMDb of board games) has over 72,000 games in their database. Not only is there a huge number of games, but the variety is astounding. Are you into firefighting? There's a game based on that. Are you into the spread of global plagues? There's a game for that. Are you into the development of ancient civilizations? There's a game for that. Jane Austin Novels? Bam!

Now the question is why am I interested in them all of a sudden? Well, I've always been interested in them, but it's only recently that I've been pursuing them and that is mostly because of furniture. You see for the longest time the living room of my current apartment was just that a living room. We had no dining room and therefore no good place to play games. I wanted to play, but I didn't have a place to host games and no one i knew(or so I thought) was into board games. That all changed when my old roommate moved out and I was contemplating moving as well. To get ready for the move I got rid of a lot of the furniture in the living room that I didn't want to keep. Once I had done that I realized that there was a way to make my living room a living/dining room. Then all it took was finding a roommate and I bought a table and chairs and started having regular game nights.

I'm still trying to find the best way to organize the game nights, but I think I'm getting there. With this post I'll be putting up a calendar on the website of upcoming game nights and what we will be playing. I'll put a link in each event description to the Facebook event post so you can RSVP.

I added a page of resources and links to resources if you are interested in learning more about gaming. Tabletop!

May the dice be ever in your favor!