Announcing.... Version 2.0!

The new look!

The new look!

Huzzah! Looks like I've finally stopped procrastinating and revamped the site with the Squarespace 6 platform.  I know it looks a lot different, but you'll find that the core of the site is basically the same. The blog is still the central feature of the site, and I hope to find a way to motivate myself to post to it more regularly, but we'll see. The biggest change behind the scenes is how the rigging galleries are filled. It will be much easier for me to add new pictures to the galleries to keep them fresh and new feeling!

The Laddercam page is also being transformed into the first product listing in the Gripnerd Industries page. Hopefully you'll be seeing some of my other creations up for sale on that page soon.

As always, the site is still a work in progress, but I had to pull the trigger now or else I may never have done it.

*please let me know of any bugs you encounter.... other than all of the old blog posts looking really weird in the new design.