Important Update!

Hey guys, I'm mixing up the way i do things a little bit. Normally i've been writing posts specifically for this blog and you all got emails with the content of the post. But as you can tell, I haven't been very good with posting with any regularity. What I have been good at is posting to another blog that feeds everything else I have online(twitter, facebook, flickr, youtube, delicious). But it turns out that I can have that site feed this blog too. And in the interest of updating this blog more regularly, I'm hooking that up.

If you didn't understand everything I just said... this is what it means for you:
I post about once or twice a day, and as I have things set up now, you will get an email from me everytime I post. If you don't want to get an email from me everytime i post, just let me know, and i'll take you off the list.

Also, if you are curious about the stuff that i've been posting to this other blog, go here
And, if you are into online social media and stuff, posterous is a really great service that does a really good job at unifying the things you put online.

Anyway, things have been good here in LA, I've been doing a little traveling with a reality show with Tony Robbins. Hope all is good elsewhere in the world.